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Apple Glasses and the OUYA/OnLive deal

Move over Google, Apple may have some glasses of its own. Also, the OUYA game console partners up with streaming company OnLive.

Does Apple have some glasses of its own? We're about to find out:

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Is Apple finally readying a game controller? The company released the patent information for one it filed back in March that shows what looks exactly like a PlayStation 3 DualShock controller communicating with an iPhone. The controller will work with iPads and Apple TV as well using NFC communication. Now don't go throwing out your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 just yet. There's no way to know if this will actually ever see the light of day because there have been plenty of Apple patents that never get made into products.

You didn't think Apple was going to let Google have all of the glasses fun did you? We're getting word that the company has applied for a new patent relating to a video glasses technology that resembles the sort of head-up display we've been seeing with Google Glass. This new Retina Display plans on delivering an image that's powered by a battery smaller than the one in an iPhone.

Friday night marks the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics in London, and you can visit hub.olympic.org to follow all of your favorite athletes. Just simply type in a name, country, or event and the site will return a list of athletes along with their social pages like a Twitter account.

And finally, OUYA, the open-source Android-based game console that raised a million dollars in one day on Kickstarter, has announced a partnership with game-streaming service OnLive. Now of course you'll need to be an OnLive subscriber, but it does ensure that OUYA customers will have some gaming options on the first day. OUYA has already raised more than $5.6 million since its Kickstarter launch with more than a week to go. OUYA is aiming to be a cheaper alternative to conventional game consoles, allowing anyone to develop games for the platform. No word yet on when OUYA will release, but it's something gamers should have on their radar.

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