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Apple exchanging some iPhones?

We hear Apple is exchanging some iPhones because of performance problems.

Is it bugging you?
CNET Networks

Apple forums are buzzing with reports from several iPhone users that their shiny new gadgets are suffering from poor call volume and dismal battery life. Indeed, CNET's own photo production manager said his iPhone, which he purchased last Friday, was plagued with such issues. Though we felt the call volume on our review iPhone was somewhat low, we haven't experienced any battery issues. In fact, we've experienced impressive battery life times in our CNET Labs tests.

So we want to know, is this happening to you? Are you experiencing dismal battery life and unacceptable call volume? We've heard from several people--our photo production manager among them--that Apple is replacing its iPhones in Apple stores. And once that's happened, most performance problems vanish. Apple tech support wouldn't confirm that an official exchange program is underway, and the company hasn't issued any service bulletins, either. So please tell us, is your iPhone giving you problems?