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Apple details $100 iPhone credit

Following up on Steve Jobs' pledge, early iPhone buyers--those who bought the device before August 22--can get a $100 credit via text message.

Apple even finds a hip way to make amends.

The company will send a $100 store credit for early iPhone buyers directly as an SMS text message to the iPhone. To be eligible, the phone must have been purchased before August 22 and service needs to be activated on the device to claim the credit.

Photo of refund messages

The move is aimed at placating early iPhone buyers irked by the fact Apple shaved $200 off the price of the gadget roughly two months after its introduction.

Devices purchased between August 22 and September 4 are eligible to get $200 refunded because of Apple's price protection policies. To get the refund, however, claims must be made by September 19.

Apple posted the details of the offer on its Web site on Friday.