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Apple corners 1/26 of the English language

Google the letter "i," and the results are decidedly Apple-friendly.

i, Apple

In the buildup to Apple's presumed iPod announcement tomorrow morning, we at CNET got to wondering: exactly how strong a hold does Apple have on this whole iBrand?

Seems that the proof is in the googling.

Type the plain ol' English letter "i" into Google and hit return. Among the top 10 results, you'll get a Wikipedia entry on "the ninth letter of the Latin alphabet" and a link to the IMDB page for the movie I, Robot. But the No. 1 result links to the iTunes page on the Apple site with the link text, "Apple - iPod + iTunes." (Not to mention that searching on "apple" returns only two results of 40 regarding the actual fruit.)

Is this branding at its most successful? Or proof that industry has taken over all that is noncommercial in the world? What do you think?