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Apple confirms Keynote glitch

The Mac maker says it's working to fix a bug in the driver software of some graphics cards that causes problems for those running Apple's new presentation software.

Apple Computer late Thursday confirmed that a bug in the driver software for some graphics cards is causing problems for those running the company's new Keynote presentation software.

As previously reported, some early customers of the program reported a number of problems, the most severe of which were reports that the software caused some machines to crash.

In a statement provided to CNET, Apple said it has identified one of the problems and is working on a fix.

"Apple has identified a bug in the driver software for certain ATI graphics chips which can affect a small number of systems when used with Keynote," the company said. "Apple is working on an updated driver which should be available to customers shortly."

Keynote is Apple's new $99 presentation software that competes with Microsoft's PowerPoint and is designed to be able to be file compatible with the Microsoft Office component. Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the program earlier this month, saying the software was originally developed to power his keynote speeches.

"This is the presentation application you need when your presentation really counts," Jobs said at the time.