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Apple bans app that wants you to throw your phone in the air

Send Me To Heaven is an app that asks "how high?" You get points for sheer tossing height. It is Android only. It is profoundly ridiculous.

So simple. So fun.
Carrot Pop

Citius. Altius. Fortius. Ridiculous.

These seem to be the Olympic principles upon which a new, allegedly playful app was created.

This app rewards you for tossing your phone as high as you possibly can. And, well, catching it again. Otherwise, you won't know your score, will you?

It's called Send Me To Heaven. And it's the high-concept concoction of Carrot Pop, which hails from Norway.

There is no current record of how many phones have already been broken by being tossed high in the air by uncoordinated beings.

However, Apple, for reasons that might even be understandable, has prevented the app from entering the iTunes store.

I am grateful to The Vine for raising the alarm on this app's smashing potential, one that I would absolutely not recommend exploring.

Though Cupertino has frowned on this wheeze, Google, which stands for all things free (unless it interferes with its own business), proudly displays it in the Android store.

I worry, indeed, that Apple has been too hasty. Purely from a commercial (rather than human) standpoint.

Surely it would be a great boon to its reported new screen repair business if more and more people came in with cracked screens, courtesy of a very cracked app.

This is a world in which so many who value liberty love to sniff at every opportunity: "caveat emptor."

Why not extend this to "caveat tosser?"