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Apple attacks Droid X antenna

In a new video on its Web site, Apple shows what it says is the Droid X suffering from an antenna problem, with signal bars dropping in the throes of the so-called Death Grip.

This is turning into one of those charming cage matches in which wrestlers desperately try to maim each other with chains and chairs and blows to very private regions.

In a new video, posted to both its own Web site and to YouTube, Apple attempts to show that the dazzling new Motorola Droid X, which many seem to rather appreciate, also has something of an issue when it comes to being held in the Death Grip.

You know, the grip where you wrap your fingers round your cell phone, and the onscreen signal bars drop like a swooning '50s starlet?

Naturally, I'd be extremely keen to hear from Droid X users who are, or, indeed, aren't experiencing such a problem.

I'd also rather enjoy hearing from those who have begun to hold their cell phones, of whatever brand, like the English hold their teacups, with little finger floating in midair and fourth finger barely touching the object.

Many, on seeing this video (and one posted earlier this week featuring the Nokia N97 Mini), will wonder whether Apple is beginning to insist too much.

Underlining that all phones are a little bit wonky when it comes to reception may, indeed, state a truth. But posting videos featuring every competing manufacturer, when, as yet, there seems to be little outcry from those manufacturers' customers, suggests severe annoyance. It also feels a little defensive for a company that so rarely feels the need to be.

It's not as if anyone buys a smartphone to make phone calls anyway, so one wonders if all the fuss will really be worth it. Still, as anyone who enjoys a good cage match will tell you, the fun is in the fighting, not the result.