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Apple announces 2011 Design Award winners

Apple picks the winners of its annual Design Awards program. The recipients run the gamut from games to apps that help you perfect your golf game.

Apple's award cube.
Apple's award cube.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference continues through the rest of this week, though the annual Apple Design Awards show is now in the can. This is the event where the company hands out awards to developers with particularly well-designed software, be it in looks or overall functionality.

This year's edition, which wrapped up last night, was notable in that it was the first to require that Mac OS software apps were in the Mac App Store, a requirement Apple made when announcing the conference in March. Previously any application was eligible, as long as it was on the platform.

Apple began its annual design awards program in 1997 under the moniker the "Human Interface Design Excellence," changing to its current name just a year later. Those who win get promotion on Apple's developer site, as well as a cube-shaped award that glows when picked up. The design for that cube, which has been made by Palo Alto, Calif.-based Sparkfactor Design since 2003, was once put through a CT scanner by an award winner to see how it worked.

A full list of winners from this year's show is below. All links lead to those apps in their respective App Stores. You can also take a quick look at what each of these apps looks like in our slideshow.


Winner: Infinity Blade
Company: Chair Entertainment Group

Winner: Golfscape GPS Rangefinder
Company: Shotzoom

Winner: Cut the Rope
Company: Chillingo / Zepto Lab

Student Winner: Grades 2
Company: Tapity / Jeremy Olson


Winner: Djay for iPad
Company: algoriddim GmbH

Winner: Osmos for iPad
Company: Hemisphere Games

Winner: Our Choice
Company: Push Pop Press / Al Gore

Student Winner: Pennant
Company: Vargatron / Stephen Varga

Student Winner: Pulse News Reader
Company: Alphonso Labs / Akshay Kothari


Winner: Capo
Company: SuperMegaUltraGroovy

Winner: Pixelmator
Company: Pixelmator Team

Winner: Anomaly Warzone Earth
Company: 11 bit studios