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Apple airs humor-free new Siri iPhone 4S ad

In keeping with its legendary tone of simplicity, Apple debuts an ad that shows how central its new Intelligent concierge can be in your life. It is, though, unlike Siri herself, humor-free.

Siri's legend goes before her.

She has a sense of humor. She knows when you're offering her innuendo. She answers in a way that you wish your lover--and even your Starbucks barista--would answer.

So how would Apple advertise its new frightfully sassy, intelligent concierge?

Disappointingly, with no humor whatsoever.

The new iPhone 4S ad, which I caught in the entirely humor-free World Series Game 2 between Texas and St. Louis, presents Siri in a highly secretarial way.

We see people asking her to help with many routine tasks. (Other than, perhaps, "What does a weasel look like?") We see no responses from Siri.

"Remind me to call Chris when I get home," says a lady who is out jogging. (Disclosure: I do not know her and she did not call me when she got home.) Still no reaction from Siri.

Finally, when we espy a headless woman who has been locked out of her house (in California, she'd have just called 911), we see that Siri offers three options of locksmiths nearby.

It's all a little safe. It's all a little bland. It offers nothing of Siri's truly nuanced character. It's very similar to the iPad launch ad with all the thighs and shoes.

Of course, Siri doesn't need much advertising. The product and the word-of-mouth will work for her quite nicely. But this feels a little like an ad from a corporation. Which is a pity.