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Disguise your AirPods as a box of dental floss

Safeguard your pricey Apple AirPods by dressing the charging case up to look like something you would clean your teeth with.

It already looks like a case of floss.

Apple's AirPods, released in mid-December, are expensive and potentially desirable targets for folks with sticky fingers.

You could vigilantly keep track of your $159 wireless earbuds when they're tucked into their charging case, or you could disguise the case to look like something that isn't worth stealing. Like dental floss.

Etsy seller RyanFloss offers an easy cosplay solution in the form of a sticker that attaches to the AirPods case. It features a made-up dental-care brand and reads "Oral O Glides Pro-Health original floss."

The $4.99 sticker only ships to the US, but it could spark ideas for similar DIY camouflage patterns no matter where you live.

The sticker is translucent and fits right on the case. It's the only product offered in the RyanFloss Etsy store and so far has logged 75 sales, so you might start seeing people carrying around what looks like a box of floss. You just have to hope that nearby criminals don't have something stuck in their teeth.

Now, all you need to do is tuck your AirPods into your gauged earlobes and they'll be almost completely safe from loss ... accidental or otherwise.