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Apple admits Conan has a special iPhone

Conan O'Brien's iPhone 3GS is a very special edition of one -- it can be upgraded to iOS 7. It's called the iPhone 3GCOB.

The evidence is clear.
Team Coco Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Special editions are just that -- special.

Which means you can't have one, but Conan O'Brien can. Because Conan has connections, while you merely have conniptions.

Conan, though, is a modest sort. He didn't want you to know. Until, that is, a pesky viewer with the handle "4893McLovin" insisted that he merely had some sort of awful, black plastic-backed iPhone 3G or 3GS.

McLovin's evidence was based on Conan's recent exposition of what happens when you download iOS 7.

This overt criticism, this bald-faced accusation of inaccuracy, forced Conan to reveal parts of Apple's iOS 7 keynote that he wished he didn't have to reveal.

Yes, it's true that Apple's Craig Federighi said that iOS 7 was only eligible for download on iPhone 4 and later models.

But everyone missed what Eddy Cue had to say as a follow-up to Federighi. You might have missed it too.

Conan presents clear and incontrovertible evidence that Cue made one exception to the iOS 7 download rule. This was for the iPhone 3GCOB.

"That's the device custom-made in Cupertino for our favorite comedian and my personal god, Conan O'Brien," said Cue.

This wasn't all, however. For then Cue offered 4893McLovin a lesson in iOS 7's stellar capabilities.

I know that many of you will be wondering what are the specs of the iPhone 3GCOB. You're like that, aren't you?

I cannot reveal these details, principally because I don't know.

However, there is one thing of which I'm sure: you really want one, don't you?