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Apparent iPhone thief reveals face to world with selfie-shooting streak

After a woman's iPhone was taken at a bar, she says she found dozens of selfies by a stranger that were being automatically uploaded to her Facebook.

Not to jump to conclusions... KUSA-TV Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

From what Hollywood has taught us, we all know that smart criminals cover their tracks. Further, smart criminals definitely don't stomp around and leave as many fingerprints around the crime scene for obvious reasons.

To bring this into the digital world, smart criminals don't take dozens of selfies with a recently stolen iPhone, especially because that iPhone could be set to upload all photos automatically to Facebook.

Possibly related: the fate of 23-year-old Rawley Bingham's iPhone, which she says was taken from her at a Denver bar. More than 30 selfies apparently taken with the stolen phone were discovered by Bingham in the Facebook folder the phone uploads to. Bingham told KUSA-TV in Denver that although the as-yet-unidentified thief seems to have known how to disable the "find my iPhone" feature on the phone, selfies of the girl who seems to be in possession of the phone have continued to appear.

"There's a lot of selfies of her around downtown Denver," Bingham told the local television station. "She had a great Sunday."

The apparent thief reportedly also told one of Bingham's friends she would pick her up at the airport, but then never showed.

Bingham went to the police. According to KUSA-TV, Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is now offering a $2,000 reward for information about the girl in the pictures.