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Apparel for extreme listening

Helmets and jackets for MP3s and cell phones

We can hardly blame the people at Plantronics if they've gotten tired of making and remaking headsets. But the last thing we would have guessed they'd get into is clothing. Not just T-shirts, mind you, but apparel with built-in technologies that can be used with media players and mobile phones.

Its new line is being marketed through a partnership with Quiksilver and Roxy--and, judging by the names of the first three products, Plantronics has deferred to the judgment of the apparel industry's marketing reps as well: the "Pulse Helmet" and "Double Daffy Snow Jacket" from Quiksilver and the "Shiver Helmet" and "Teen Angel Snow Jacket" from Roxy. Gadgetell also says they're not shy to charge market prices for the name brands, selling the helmets for $250 and the jackets for $370 (Quiksilver) and $340 (Roxy). Ah, the joys of American capitalism.

We've seen only a few photos of the line, but from what we can tell any of these items will score more fashion points than this knit hat or London bobby helmet lookalike.