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App keeps NSA abreast of your phone activity

You want to show you have clean hands? Here's USA PRISM Plus, an app that takes random shots of your phone and sends them to the NSA careers Twitter account.

Every hour?
Fergus Macpherson

It may well be that the NSA is recording every breath you take, every move you make.

But it's going to take them quite some time to review whether your breaths and moves are, in some way, significant or even troubling.

So along comes an Android app that can help you by forewarning the NSA with "Look! It wasn't me!"

I am grateful to Android Central for forewarning me about USA PRISM Plus.

Being an Android app, this sprightly invention relies on utter openness. For it takes random shots of your cell phone and sends them to the NSA Careers Twitter account.

You can decide how often you wish yourself to be exposed.

Some might consider this trollish behavior -- though, for myself, I'm not sure whether the word "troll" has any consistent meaning.

There's a certain charm in that the app's tweets are accompanied by the words "random security check."

But one wonders what sanctions the NSA might take against those who clutter its Twitter with their titters?

Moreover, what if you just happen to sext your dearest lover just at the moment that your USA PRISM Plus decides to take a screenshot? What if this sext is sent to the NSA?

At a minimum, this would ruin your career chances.

It's as well, though, to voice some concerns about the NSA Careers Twitter account too. It follows only seven Twitter accounts. Three belong to Mashable.

Who will be the first to suggest some level of collaboration going on here?