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Apache recovers while Microsoft IIS slides

Apache's share of the Web server market is settling in comfortably at 50 percent while the software giant's continues to lose traction.

Last year, it seemed that Microsoft was making great gains on the Apache Web server, with Apache dropping from its high of 70 percent of the Web server market to 50 percent.

Since then, however, Apache's market share seems to have stabilized while Microsoft's IIS has been losing share at a steady clip, according to Netcraft market share data and OStatic's analysis thereof.

Web Server Market Share Netcraft

There are a number of factors for Microsoft's losses, including "more than 2 million blogging sites running on Microsoft-IIS Web sites expir(ing) from the (Netcraft) survey," but the basic trend is that Apache is holding firm while Microsoft is dropping to represent less than a third of the Web server market.