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AP, Yahoo strike content deal; AP, Google still talking

Yahoo will continue to host AP stories on its Web site, but Google and the AP are still talking about how--or whether--to extent a content deal that expired last week.

The Associated Press and Google have yet to agree on an expansion of their previous content hosting deal, but the AP has struck such a deal with Yahoo.

Yahoo will continue to host stories written by the AP on its site, according to a story by (who else) the AP hosted on (where else) Yahoo Finance. Financial terms were not disclosed, but the AP reported that the deal does not include a provision for "tiered" prices as it relates to stories: meaning that the AP won't charge Yahoo more for certain types of stories as compared to others.

Google, on the other hand, continues to dance around discussion of its negotiations with the AP on hosting content. Google stopped adding AP content to its site in late December, ahead of the expiration of the current deal between the two parties in late January.

It appears Google and the AP have worked out some sort of deal for allowing that older content to stay on Google despite the expiration of the deal, according to Search Engine Land. Google confirmed that it is still not adding new content, but that "the licensing agreement is the subject of ongoing discussion so we won't be commenting further at this time."

Search Engine Land points out that the disagreement could turn on a matter of leverage: have Google News users abandoned the service because they haven't been able to find AP content over the past month? Doesn't seem like it, which could be an attempt by Google to show that it can live without the AP should it come to that.