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AOL brings back ex-exec as media overlord

David Eun, who dealt with AOL in his days as a Time Warner media executive, will be returning to the newly spun-off company and replacing the outgoing Bill Wilson.

AOL has returned to its spurned Time Warner days to find a new head of its AOL Media & Studios division: the company has hired David Eun, who served as vice president of operations for the conglomerate's Media & Communications division when it was AOL's own parent company.

After his stint at Time Warner, which he left in 2006, Eun joined Google as vice president of strategic partnerships. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, who was hired about a year ago, had also been high up at Google as a sales exec.

Meanwhile, Bill Wilson, the longtime president of AOL's media division, is leaving the company after nine years.

"After nine years with the company and after the significant changes we made this year moving from licensing content to becoming a principle in content, he wants to take a step back," Armstrong's internal AOL memo, which was excerpted in an e-mail to press, explained. "Bill built a strong management team and laid the groundwork for the content strategy that we're now pursuing. While I'm disappointed by his decision, I respect his intent and have asked him to work with me, not only to find his replacement but also to transition with that person to ensure that, as a company, we don't miss a beat on the execution of our content strategy."

Eun's job will be to oversee AOL's blog and content properties, about 80 in total, as well as its Seed.com freelance clearinghouse, the StudioNow platform that the company recently acquired, and AOL's studios in New York and Los Angeles.

It's still hunting for a replacement for Chief Technology Officer Ted Cahall, whose departure was announced last month.