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AOC's e2237Fwh reminiscent of Asus monitor

AOC's e2237Fwh has many of the same design touches as a recent monitor, the Asus MS238H.

The AOC e2237Fwh; you can see right through it. Josh P. Miller

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Asus MS238H, whose claim to fame was its unique, circular foot stand. This week, I review a monitor that shares similar design touches with the Asus, the AOC e2237Fwh.

Although it doesn't include the wacky footstand found on the Asus--it instead uses a 4-inch shaft, resulting in a monitor that doesn't topple over nearly as easily--the AOC e2237Fwh shares many of the same design touches.

It's like a transparent version of the Asus, with more connection options, a more robust onscreen display, and no weird, newfangled contraptions increases the display's chances of ending up on your floor, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Unlike the Asus MS238H, no circular goodness. Josh P. Miller

The e2237Fwh is a stylish-looking monitor, and what it lacks in performance it attempts to make up in affordability. At $229, it's a lot lower than most LED-based monitors. However, one of those LED based monitors in particular, the Samsung PX2370, is well worth the extra $80, thanks to its performance.

To find out just how closely the AOC compares to golden boy PX2370, check out the full review.

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