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Any door can be a Star Trek door

DIY Star Trek door (which, of course, go where no door has gone before) could be what geek dreams are made of.

One nifty aspect of "Star Trek" are the doors that slide open with a whisking sound. While most of us will forever use conventional swinging doors at home, one supergeek took matters into his own hands with the working air-powered Star Trek-style door.

Built by Instructables user uiproductions, the door gives me a nerdgasm. The Instructables Web site has complete DIY instructions (just hit "next step"), which will help you start your journey on the path to converting your living room to a starship bridge.

Imagine hearing the familiar whooshing sound of your own door opening at home with the press of a button. Unfortunately, the fellow uses conventional-style white doors, which is rather anti-climactic. If I attempted something like this I'd go all out with Tron-esque glowing accents and a motion sensor, but I suppose this will do for now.

Star Trek door
The door was made with components from Radio Shack and Sparkfun.com. When the button gets pushed, the circuitry switches the air valve on so the door will open. After a few seconds, the valve switches back off and the door closes. uiproductions, via Instructables