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Antigreen video raises questions about wasteful materials

Stop-motion video featuring HP printers is antigreen.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu

This video, titled "Invent," is Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth's entry for HP's D&AD Students Awards contest, which awards students who present "an idea which promotes HP workstations' ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive."

Tom and Matt responded with a unique design using stop-motion animation, catchy synthesized music, eight HP Deskjet D1560 inkjet printers, and a whole lotta paper to create this "aesthetic symphony."

Detractors on the Vimeo video page are shaking their fingers at the large volume of trees that were sacrificed in the making of this video, while others claim that art has no environmental conscience. HP has yet to release a statement about the video but has always been very active in reducing its products' impact on the environment.

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