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Another rumored 'iPhone Nano' photo

Will Apple offer a downsized version of its iconic gadget at Macworld? One photo, and a dose of skepticism, offer some perspective.

With Macworld coming up in just two weeks, the parade of Apple-flavored rumors, wishes, and murmurings continues.

Guess which one is the rumored iPhone Nano?

The latest to surface--or resurface--involves a purported concept photo of what's said to be an "iPhone Nano," a more or less three-quarter-size version of the Apple iPhone. Even as it presents the photo, also invokes a healthy dose of skepticism:

We have some serious doubts about the likelihood of such a device. These doubts are based both in the quality of the sources as well as the practicality of introducing a new form factor to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Those cautionary words echo the historical perspective offered by CNET News' Tom Krazit, writing a week ago on the occasion of some earlier Nano-esque reports:

iPhone Nano rumors date back to the launch of the original iPhone, when a financial analyst predicted that Apple would have a slimmed-down version of the iPhone out for the 2007 holiday season. That obviously didn't happen, and other reports this summer and more recent speculation about a $99 4GB iPhone to be sold at Wal-Mart have kept the rumor alive.

And Monday, Tom took stock of a potential clue in this story: "iPhone Nano cases appear online."

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