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Another remote to drive others crazy

A keychain remote can seize control surreptitiously.


The trend of anti-gadget gadgets continues. Well, maybe anti is too strong of a prefix--it's really more about control, as is everything else in life.

The growing list speaks for itself, as seen in this sample: the "Best Net Guard," the "Covert Clicker," "TV-B-Gone," and most recently (as well as controversially), the "T-1000 Cell Phone Jammer." Now there's the "Mini Universal TV Remote Control Keychain."

While not a stated purpose, its diminutive form factor--3.7 inches x 1.6 inches and less than three-quarters of an inch thick, according to GeekAlerts--has an obvious use: To surreptitiously control the TV while no one is the wiser. Just don't get too enthusiastic pushing the buttons while it's in your pocket, or it could lead to some embarrassing misunderstandings.