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Another Otterbox competitor: Gumdrop Drop Series for iPhone 4

The Otterbox-inspired Gumdrop Drop Series for the iPhone 4 features screen and port covers, reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners, and a heavy-duty belt clip.

The Gumdrop Drop Series for iPhone 4 ships on December 15 for $44.95.

The success of Otterbox's Defender cases has a lot of smartphone accessory manufacturers scurrying to go rugged. The latest rival to say it's taking Otterbox on at its own game is Grumdrop, with the freshly announced Drop Series, "made to withstand gnarly falls and still leave the iPhone 4 as handsome as ever."

While the case certainly looks tough and has several layers of protection, what's amusing is that Gumdrop has included the Otterbox name in the Web site address for its new Otterbox case competitor. We assume that's for SEO (search-engine optimization) purposes, which seems a little bit over the top, but is probably smart.

The Drop Series comes in multiple colors and costs $44.95--or $5 dollars less than what the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4 costs. It ships on December 15.