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Another mouse that likes to wash

Washable mice? It could become a new trend as concern for germs grows. Here's a new one from Cherry.

Worried about germs populating your peripherals? You may dream of giving them a nice bath now and then.

Go ahead, with the MW-2800 washable optical mouse from Cherry, a ZF Electronics brand.

Cherry's MW-2800 optical washable mouse
Cherry's MW-2800 optical washable mouse Cherry

The mouse is targeted at hospitals, clinics, schools, manufacturing lines, and other venues where many people tend to share workstations.

The MW-2800 is not the first washable mouse. Two years ago, Belkin introduced its F5L007 mouse with the scroll wheel replaced by a touch area that allows both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

On Cherry's new MW-2800, scrolling is done with sealed scroll-lock buttons. It's supposed to be submersible, whereas Belkin recommends cleaning its mouse with soap under a running faucet.

Another submersible mouse is the Waterproof USB Mouse from USB Geek, which retails at $17 compared with Cherry's $43 mouse. The one from USB Geek is heavier and has an optical tracking of only 800 dots per inch, vs. 1,200dpi for Cherry.

Even cheaper is the mouse from Belkin that retails at prices from $15 and also offers 1,200dpi.

The MW-2800 is available in black and light blue, and complements Cherry's washable J84-2800 keyboard, which is also submersible and sealed in a silicone rubber housing.