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Another Koss headphone plus: Lifetime warranty

The Koss Porta Pro is the unsung hero of the audiophile community. After 26 years, it still brings in fans of its warm sound, 80s retro design, and the often-overlooked lifetime warranty.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
Justin Yu covered headphones and peripherals for CNET.
Justin Yu
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Watch this: Koss PortaPro Headphones

Impressive sound performance, an affordable price tag, and a "Back to the Future" aesthetic keep the $49 Porta Pro headphones in the modern Koss stable of products.

Well into their 26th production year, we're proud to include them in our list of the Best Portable Headphones for more than just those reasons--they also happen to carry a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

A clear statement on the warranty page reads:

Stereophones that were purchased after July of 1989 are covered by our No-Questions-Asked Lifetime warranty.

My Koss Porta Pros, before and after

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No need to include the original receipt, nor do you have to wait for an RMA. In fact, Koss actually encourages customers to visit its Milwaukee location for those in the area to make an exchange--if not, all they ask is that you include $6 in the box to cover the return shipping fees.

I recently had the opportunity to verify the warranty process after the wire on my personal set of Porta Pros began to fray near the plug (see image).

I packed the damaged set into a box with a check for $6 and a note describing the failure along with my contact information, and two weeks later I received a brand new set with a note from Koss thanking me for my initial purchase.

I often field user complaints about the durability of headphones and the unwillingness of companies to stand by the build of their products. I urge all those people to check out the Koss Porta Pros.

The company continues to offer its no-questions-asked lifetime warranty, and I'd be hard pressed to find another vendor with the same level of customer service.

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