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Another iOS 5 update to address battery issues?

iOS 5.0.2 could be pushed out within the next 10 days to fix battery drain, or at least try to a second time, a German site quotes an unnamed Apple engineer as saying.

Apple could be primed to take another whack at solving iPhone 4S battery problems.

Apple could be rolling out another iOS 5 update in the next week or so to try again to fix the battery issues with the iPhone 4S, according to reports.

Apple updated its mobile operating operating system to 5.0.1 last week, which apparently fixed the battery drain issues for some iPhone 4S owners, while others complained the problem was unchanged or even worsened in some cases.

Now German site Macerkopf quotes an unnamed Apple engineer saying that another update, 5.0.2, will be out by the end of next week. The source claims that a major reason for the back-to-back iterations is getting real-world battery life closer to Apple's goal of "40 hours on standby with 10 hours of use," according to a Google Translate version of the blog post.

The report goes on to say that iOS 5.1 is also just around the corner, and that the more substantial update will bring new Siri voice commands with it.

Hopefully these new commands won't be too battery-intensive. Nobody wants to see Apple's engineers caught in an infinite iteration loop, or CNET bloggers stuck in an infinite blogging loop on Apple's infinite iteration loop, for that matter.

(Via TUAW)