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Relaxing underwater video shows cute animals drinking

Thirsty desert-dwelling animals take turns lapping up water from a bucket while a submerged camera captures the action.

It turns out one recipe for a relaxing YouTube video involves swimming bees, birds, a bunny, two chickens, a burro, a steer, a bucket of water and an engaging soundtrack. The short video, titled "the bucket," comes from the The Field Lab YouTube channel, an outlet for John Wells, a man who's experimenting with living off the grid on a sustainable homestead in the Texas desert.

Wells placed a camera underwater at the bottom of a bucket and filmed the animals as they came to take a sip. The video, posted on Friday, stars a variety of furry and feathery critters, including a rabbit named George with a notch in his ear. In case you're concerned, Wells rescued the floating bees seen at the beginning.

The video is a soothing meditation on water, desert life and adorable animals. It also offers a fascinating perspective on the different critters' drinking methods, whether it's a quick dive with a beak or a delicate tongue-lapping exercise. Watch it as a relaxing reprieve from your life's daily chores.