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Animal shelter remakes 'The Bachelor' with an eligible dog

The best bachelor ever has four legs, a tail and a big decision to make on who gets to adopt him.`

Stewart is available and looking for love in a committed relationship. Stewart also happens to be a dog.

He's the star of a video posted by the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society in New Mexico. The video sends up "The Bachelor" television show, a reality program that matches one available man up with a posse of women trying to win his affection.

The pitch-perfect video drops all sorts of jokes, including a bachelorette who's excited to visit Santa Fe because she's "never been out of the country before." There's lots sobbing, a triple date and accusations of one of women being an "in-the-closet cat person."

The shelter has been dropping video teasers on YouTube for a week, but finally released the full short on Friday to coincide with the build-up to Valentine's Day. The humane society reminds people that while Stewart's heart may be taken, there are plenty of other eligible and furry bachelors and bachelorettes available.

If you enjoy creative animal shelter advertising, then also check out the low-budget commercial done in the style of a used-car ad that went viral on YouTube earlier this year.