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Android tablets under $300

CNET's top 7-inch Android tablets that can be had for less than $300.

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No matter how small or how affordable Apple can make the iPad, nothing can change the fact that it's a newcomer to the market of mini tablets.

Small, inexpensive Android tablets have been around for years and are finally hitting their stride. Through trial and error, manufacturers have figured out the sweet spot of features, design, and performance that seems to be resonating with customers.

What's more surprising is that the players in this space aren't the typical cast of characters that Apple is used to fighting. Sure, Samsung makes an appearance, but so does Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Personally, I think this is the most interesting battlefronts in tech right now. The profit margins are razor sharp. Every component and every design decision counts. And in the end, the battle is as much about content and ecosystem as it is about hardware and price.

And so, I present to you the top 7-inch Android tablets under $300, most of which are right around $200. This Top 5 video is pulled from Eric Franklin's roundup of iPad Mini competitors over on iPad Atlas.


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