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Android RC car perfect for running over iPhones

Stephen Mark hopes Kickstarter will help him realize his dream of a Bluetooth-controlled RC car driven by Android.

Would you put the pedal to your touch screen to control an RC car? Stephen Mark, via Kickstarter

Bluetooth can enable you to communicate on a cell phone without looking like Zach Morris. But what if you could use Bluetooth to drive a remote-controlled car? Even Morris' "Saved by the Bell" crush Kelly Kapowski would be impressed.

Stephen Mark hopes to commercialize the idea with BlueDrone, a Bluetooth-controlled 1:20-scale Nissan GT-R RC vehicle.

Compatible with any Android phone or tablet (running 2.1+), BlueDrone is that toy we don't need, but would probably buy if it was at the front of Brookstone. The car is controlled by an Android app that offers touch-screen and/or accelerometer controls to the driver--both most certainly a wow factor. Battery life clocks in at three hours (via three AA batteries), while the maximum range is 30 feet due to Bluetooth's technical limitations.

Hopefully you can change the PIN so others don't carjack your ride. Stephen Mark

Mark's vision, one he calls a "personal dream for many years," offers "responsive steering and a powerful motor." The promo video below most certainly affirms that claim, but we're left to wonder if BlueDrone can inspire enough people to pledge $200,000 on Kickstarter and help the product hit the highway.

A pledge of $59 will secure you a spot in line for the Android R/C car after the project is completed (with a rather long 8-12 week shipping time frame). It's worth noting that driving an RC car with an Android phone is not a new concept, and has been demonstrated before on the Web (often in conjunction with an Arduino module).