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Android Ice Cream Sandwich ports piling up

Galaxy S2 and Optimus 3D ports show up just days after the release of Android 4.0 source code.

There aren't any official Ice Cream Sandwich phones available yet, but the ICS source code was released earlier this week, and already Android 4.0 is showing up on more phones.

Today we first saw the frozen dairy treat running gleefully on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and an LG Optimus 3D.

Here it is running on the S2, thanks to a French coder who goes by "Guillaume" on Twitter:

Today's new ports come in addition to earlier efforts that saw Ice Cream Sandwich show up on the older Nexus S, the Galaxy S, and the Thunderbolt based off the ICS software development kit.

We're still waiting to get an official release date for the Galaxy Nexus, the first official Ice Cream Sandwich phone, but it could be any day now. Meanwhile, here's a snippet of the Optimus 3D port, apparently in action somewhere in Portugal.