Android Ice Cream Sandwich: 11 awesome tips and tricks (video)

New to Android Ice Cream Sandwich? Here's a double helping of tips to make you a pro on Android's latest operating system.

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If you're the proud owner of a spangly new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there's a good chance that the new operating system, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, will come as a shock. At the very least, it might take some getting used to.

Fear not, fellow smartphone users. I've got a quiver full of pointed tips and tricks to make you an Ice Cream Sandwich pro.

Prove it? Well, OK, then. In the video above, I'll show you the fastest way to set an alarm, uninstall an app, and select tabs in the WebKit browser. I'll also show you a camera trick I bet you didn't know how to do, and demonstrate the right way to take screenshots (there's a wrong way, too, and believe me, it's easy to get stuck).

If that's not enough, you can learn about Ice Cream Sandwich basics here, how to get started on Android Beam, and how to make little green Androids fly across your screen.

If you don't feel like clicking, just scroll down to watch the videos below.

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