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Android Honeycomb 'preview' ported to Nook Color

Barnes & Noble's Nook Color has been hacked to run an early version of Android 3.0 operating system for tablets, code-named Honeycomb. The hack is still a work in progress, but it bodes well for the possibility of Honeycomb coming to the Nook someday, in some form (probably an unauthorized one).

The Nook Color gets the Honeycomb hack.

Google has an event slated for February 2 to show off its Android 3.0 operating system for tablets, code-named Honeycomb. Well, in advance of that preview an industrious Android enthusiast, who goes by the handle deeper-blue on the xdadevelopers' forum, has hacked the Nook Color to run a preview version of Honeycomb and has posted a video on YouTube.

A custom version of Android firmware is already available for the Nook Color that essentially allows you to turn it into a full-fledged Android tablet (naturally, Barnes & Noble doesn't authorize you "root" your Nook but plenty of people already have). But porting Honeycomb--an operating system truly designed for tablets--to the Nook has a lot of appeal to tech enthusiasts who see the Nook Color as an attractive and affordable tablet at $250.

At this point, it's still a pretty crude port that's missing a lot of Honeycomb's core features, but deeper-blue has already improved performance over the last couple of days, so the future seems bright for Honeycomb on Nook.

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Via Engadget