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Android appears in Swiss iPad ad

An ad for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's iPad app features an android. The broadcaster says this subtle message conveys that the corporation also covers the Android platform.

Switzerland prides itself on its neutral sense of justice.

Its definition of neutrality, of course, might not mesh with yours, especially should you have strong feelings about Nazi gold or women not being allowed to vote before 1971. Still, it's a neutrality that sometimes rears its beautiful head to quite bizarre effect.

Android in iPad ad
Look closely and you can see the little green android in the background. Video screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

So might I offer you an ad for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's iPad app? For reasons the corporation has tried to explain--reasons you might be tempted to doubt--at the 39-second mark of the ad, up pops a little green android standing among the throngs.

Now, you might be wondering whether this android is portrayed as a bad guy, a club-wielding, club-footed neanderthal trailing in the iPad's wake.

Yet, no. This very strange--one might almost call it very Swiss--iPad app ad suggests that the android is one in the army of good guys.

I thank AndroidGuys.com for quoting SBC and its artistic motives for this motif: "The android is here as part of the details we wanted to include, in this case a hint to the fact that we cover both platforms (Android fans might want to have a look at the swissinfoandroid channel)."

Some might just have missed a hint of such subtlety. Some might have wondered whether there are people at the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation who are so dedicated to the Android sect that they insisted on inserting this Google-hearted icon.

I prefer to imagine that this is the Swiss expressing their usual even-handed neutrality in touting a business.

By inserting this android they are saying to both Google and Apple that Swiss banks are still a wonderfully equitable place to shuffle away some tax-free profits, should they happen to find any on their travels. You see, the Swiss never kiss and (William) tell. Well, almost never.