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Android 4.3 pops up in the wild after skipping Google I/O

The next flavor of the mobile OS has been spotted again, this time actually running on a device.

The Jelly Bean has been spilled again.
Louis Gray

After failing to appear at Google I/O, evidence that Android 4.3 is forthcoming soon has been leaking out slowly. Now, the first photos of the next sweet iteration of the mobile OS running on a device have been spotted. It looks to be a new flavor of Jelly Bean rather than the whole slice of Key Lime Pie.

Photos that appear to show a Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 at the 2013 Thailand Mobile Expo have surfaced on the xdadevelopers forum, home to many an Android leak, hack, and more.

The few photos don't reveal much other than the fact that 4.3 appears to be in the wild, and it comes with a re-tooled camera app. The new camera menu has shifted into the form of an arc in the lower section of the screen.

All this comes following the announcement of a pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4 at Google I/O and the latest rumor that a similar version of the HTC One is also in the works.

Sure would be great to see a new version of Android for all these devices, and maybe a new Nexus 7, sometime soon. My sweet tooth is beginning to ache for some more mobile Google goodness.

Have a look at the shots below and let us know in the comments what else you'd like to see in Android 4.3.

A shot of Android 4.3 on the Nexus 4 from Thailand. xdadevelopers / chaleen
Android 4.3 apparently sports a re-styled camera app. xdadevelopers / chaleen