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And now, the Tabby Awards for best apps for tablets

A new contest is taking nominations for outstanding business apps for iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets.

The Tabby is a new award seeking to recognize outstanding tablet apps. Trophy image from

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more award contests, here comes one for tablet apps.

The Tabby Awards seek to recognize the best apps for tablets and open for nominations now. From the press release:

For the very first time, the best apps for iPad, Android and Windows tablets will be judged for their outstanding tablet specific features and utility by a panel of tablet professionals. The competition will be open to both native apps and web apps for tablets and will include app developers worldwide.

Consumer and Business apps will be evaluated by two separate panels, with the Business category representing the focus of the first round.

The Business panel will review all apps geared for business people or developed for organizational purposes. [snip]

Submissions are now being accepted for business tablet apps at Winners for The Tabby Awards/Business will be announced at a special ceremony during the TabletBiz Conference & Expo, the first dedicated tablet industry event, in New York City, on November 27, 2012.

The second round of the competition, focused on tablet apps for consumers, will be announced at a later date.

The 14 categories include productivity; communication, collaboration, IT or business tool; healthcare, retail, sales and more (see image below).

The contest is run by TabTimes, a news site that covers tablets and the tablet industry. Recent stories on the site include, "The Financial Times marches to a different app drummer; embraces HTML5, Android, Windows 8," "Newspapers have a bright future with tablets, but digital advertising is an issue" and "5 affordable Android tablets for your children." For $29, you can buy the site's first strategy report, "How to Deploy Tablets in your Organization." TabTimes is also available as an app for iPad.

Which apps would you nominate for a business Tabby? Let us know in the comments.

The categories in this year's Tabby Awards