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Anatomical balloon dog sculpture shows off inflatable innards

Ever wonder what a balloon dog would look like on the dissection table? Artist Jason Freeny has the answer.

Balloon dog
An anatomical balloon dog hangs out with a rubber ducky.
Mighty Jaxx

Balloon dogs are adorable, but they don't have much in common with real dogs beyond a vague resemblance to a bloated dachshund. Artist Jason Freeny took a fresh look at balloon dogs with a sculpture showing off the anatomical insides of a balloon pup as if it were a real pooch.

You might remember those weird plastic anatomical sculptures from your school days or a visit to a doctor's office. A popular one is a model of the human torso cut away to show the location of the lungs, heart and other vital organs. There are plenty of veterinary versions of these showing the insides of pigs, cats and chickens. That's the idea Freeny plays with for his balloon dog.

The 8-inch (20-centimeter) sculpture is clear and comes in the form of a kit you put together. It includes 26 separate pieces with "an easy-to-assemble skeletal system and detachable organs." Detachable favorite! The detail work is impressive, right down to the folds of intestines and individual bones in the tail.

Freeny also created gummy bear and rubber duck anatomical models with visible insides. The artist's fascination with innards encompasses some earlier work involving cut-away models of Lego minifigures with human-like bone and organ structures.

The balloon dog set was available through creative collective and retailer Mighty Jaxx for $45 (about £32), but quickly sold out. Mighty Jaxx, which ships worldwide, will be offering a limited amount of additional models on its website. Australian buyers can check in with Cool Things Australia for availability at AU$64.95. Freeny intends to release some colorful blue and pink models this spring.

The anatomical balloon dog model may be a hit with fans of unusual and delightful sculptures, but it probably shouldn't be taken to a kid's birthday party. It might frighten the youngsters.

(Via Laughing Squid)