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An MP3 player for the vintage hi-fi set

A retro-inspired concept MP3 player from Mintpass includes three VU meters and big, chunky buttons.

Photo of the Mintpass Mint Cube MP3 player.
Tentatively known as The Cube, this concept from Mintpass puts a retro spin on a conventional MP3 player. Mintpass

If you love the look of old reel-to-reel tape decks, hi-fi receivers, and analog mixing boards, the latest MP3 player concept from Korea's Mintpass design team will probably leave you drooling.

The Cube MP3 player offers not one but three analog VU meters, capable of displaying volume, battery live, and FM radio frequency.

If the menage a trois of vintage analog gauges wasn't enough, the Mint Cube includes two rows of apologetically chunky buttons that hearken back to an era of cassette decks and bad hair. Other proposed features include Bluetooth audio, FM radio, A-B looping, shuffle, and a standard headphone output.

Of course, the whole thing is purely fiction at this point, with not even a hint of price or release date. Also, my gut is telling me that this thing would be wholly impractical to build. My retro nerd heart, however, is keeping hope alive.