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An exciting new ailment: Text neck

Chiropractors believe that all the hunching people do over their cell phones in order to send texts has created a new affliction that might well lead to arthritis.

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I don't trust chiropractors.

They always seem to find the sorts of pain solutions that require you to spend the rest of your life visiting a chiropractor.

In fact, if you walked into many a chiropractor's office and said you were suffering at the hands of a redneck, they surely wouldn't think twice before laying you down and twisting your neck toward Texas and then back.

I am not surprised, therefore, that the chiropractic profession has come up with a brand-new ailment: text neck.

This is, apparently, caused by stretching your neck unreasonably in order to send naked pictures of yourself through your cell phone.

Be careful. Be very careful. CC MikeCPeck/Flickr

The Telegraph explains that the chiropractic profession believes this neck-stretching could eventually lead to arthritis. Apparently, some chiropractors claim they are already treating thousands of people who are suffering all kinds of pain because of unreasonable digital use of their necks.

Your neck is a tender thing. It's not made of stuff that enjoys being stretched for hours on end in the cause of communication.

"Imagine sitting on your ankle sideways for 10 minutes. It would feel stiff and sore when you returned it to its natural position," Rachael Lancaster, of Freedom Back Clinics in Leeds, U.K., told the Telegraph.

Panic-stricken though I am, I still feel that humanity can manage to adapt to this new form of physical behavior.

Surely at least some people--on feeling stiffness, pain, or discomfort in their necks--might be smart enough to adjust their seating position, their head angle, or their attitude to life.

For the alternative could be even more troubling--yes, a visit to the chiropractor.