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An Apple Netbook, really?

What really tickles us about Top Crown's latest 3G notebook is the logo on the top lid. Etched on the cover is a mirror image of Apple's trademark.

Top Crown laptops

We've all seen how Apple's designs and user interface have been copied in numerous knock-off products. However, this time it's the company logo that's being ripped off.

Top Crown's latest 3G notebook actually looks quite decent on paper. Running on the low-power and inexpensive Via Nano 1.3GHz processor, it comes with a decent feature set and even includes 3G/HSDPA connectivity under the hood. The 10.1-inch display makes us suspect it's really a Netbook at heart, and the unit can be outfitted with a hard disk or solid-state drive.

But what really tickles us is the logo on the top lid. Etched on the cover is a mirror image of the famous Cupertino company's trademark. Frankly, it's unlikely that this sleight of hand will mislead customers into thinking they are actually buying an Apple product, at least not unless the salesperson blatantly lies to them.

Will this bring the wrath of Apple's legal team upon Top Crown? Maybe. But a more likely explanation is that this company is just the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for this notebook and the actual logo on the retail model will depend on which brand is distributing the product. In any case, if you do make your way to Hong Kong or Shenzhen, just keep an eye out for this unique "Apple" Netbook.


• Via Nano 1.3GHz processor
• Up to 2GB RAM
• Via Chrome 9 HC3 integrated graphics card
• 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 3G/HSDPA connectivity
• Three USB ports, VGA-out, SDHC/MMC card reader and ExpressCard slot

(Via Crave Asia)