Amulet camera records your life, stores it in cloud

ParaShoot is a compact, wearable prototype camera that can record at intervals or continuously. Slap on a custom cover to make it cute or fashionable.

Tim Hornyak
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Tim Hornyak
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A smartphone app can control ParaShoot while it hangs from your neck. Kickstarter

"The destruction of music through YouTube is enormous."

That's what pianist Krystian Zimerman told an audience in Germany when he stopped his performance to demand a fan stop recording it with a smartphone.

But if you think the ubiquity of phone cameras is more than a little annoying, get ready for one that goes around your neck and can record automatically.

ParaShoot is a pint-sized, wearable prototype HD camera that hangs from a loop around your neck.

It grabs video from your perspective, but there's no hassle of whipping a phone out.

Less obvious than Google Glass, easier to put on than a GoPro, but still providing a hands-free recording platform, ParaShoot can grab 720 HD video footage and store it in the cloud.

It works with any smartphone, which can be used as a remote control and viewfinder. ParaShoot can also work without the strap as a handheld camera.

The gizmo, which can sport customizable cover plates, is slightly bigger than a flash memory card, weighs about half an ounce, and has a replaceable battery in the neck strap that can be recharged while the camera is still working.

It can be set to record at intervals, with the default at five minutes every half-hour, and has an internal storage on micro SD card. Cloud storage can be done on third-party servers as well as ParaShoot.

The subject of a $260,000 Kickstarter campaign by Matt Sandy and Collin Glaum (whose LinkMe SMS bracelet proved unsuccessful), ParaShoot could have a $269 list price if it makes it to market.

What do you think? Will everyone be sporting something like this in a few years? Or even smaller, less obvious cameras? Check out the promo vid here.