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AMD's new workstation video cards to ship later this year

AMD's new graphics cards for workstations will ship later this year.

Just one month after releasing the FirePro V5700 and FirePro 3700, AMD on Thursday announced upgrades of new video cards for workstation PCs. The all-new FirePro V8700 and the FirePro V3750 will be available for purchase later this year.

AMD graphics

The V8700 is the high-end card that provides up to 40 percent performance gain over the previous model for memory intensive applications, such as those used in computer-aided design or digital content creation. The V3750, on the other hand, is an entry-level professional graphics accelerator.

ATI FirePro V8700 graphics accelerator is designed for people who work with large models and shader-intensive applications offering a large frame buffer for complex and large data sets. Plus, it has a 30-bit display pipeline for accurate color reproduction and superior visual quality. The card features 1GB of GDDR5 frame buffer memory with 800 shader units, allowing engineers and designers to focus on project work without concerns for memory limitations. The FirePro V8700 graphics accelerator features two DisplayPort connectors and a Dual-Link DVI-I display output.

ATI FirePro V3750 is a 3D workstation graphics accelerator that offers an average of 30 percent performance improvement over the previous generation. It, too, features DisplayPort and dual link DVI outputs but comes with only 256MB of frame buffer memory with 320 shader processing units.

The two new cards will begin to ship in the fourth quarter of this year with the estimated prices to be $1,499 for the FirePro V8700T and $199 for the FirePro V3750.