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Amazon store to compete with iTunes?

A new report says Amazon is readying a digital music store that will sell tunes without DRM. looks like it will become the latest company to try to take on Apple in the digital music marketplace.

Amazon store to compete with iTunes?

A report in the Times Online says Amazon plans to open an online music store next month and has been negotiating with the major record labels.

Given the , this may not seem like a big deal. But the Amazon store may offer a new twist: no digital rights management software. The report in the U.K.-based Times says that Amazon wants to sell unprotected MP3s online.

Apple won't be caught flat-footed by the move, however; it's already to sell DRM-free music, and CEO Steve Jobs has said he .

Blog community response:

"The integration of iTunes and iPod is what has driven customers to Apple. This stuff doesn't have to be very easy, it has to be completely idiot proof to appeal to the mass market and so far, by controlling the complete chain, only Apple has managed this."
--The Last Podcast

"No word on whether this service will attempt to undercut iTMS' $1.29 per DRM-free track, but a little competition never hurt anybody, right?"

"This is good news all round. Consumers will have a lot more choice in where they buy and where they can play their music, the online stores get to sell content onto iPods and the record companies might start making enough money to stop them suing everyone."
--Gadget Lab