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Amadana: Good taste, cubed

Company's sound system follows design philosophy

Maybe it's our midlife crisis taking over again, but we have a serious crush on Amadana, the Japanese company that created the bamboo-clad DVD player and other gorgeous products that reflect its zen-like design philosophy. If Amadana had a retail outlet, we imagine it would look like a cross between an Apple store and a Buddhist monastery. (We just wish the company would change its logo, which looks way to much like Amana's.)

Amadana's all-in-one audio system is a perfect example of the company's devotion to clean lines. says its 7-inch-sided cube has touch-sensitive buttons and houses a two-way speaker system, CD player, radio, sound processor and an alarm clock.

Surprisingly, and unfortunately, the audio system doesn't appear to store MP3 files. But it won't break the bank either, at $380. Plus, if you get a "CuboGlass" TV, you'll have the makings of an entire home filled with a series of cubes (not to be confused with tubes).