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Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs wants to make your daily commute less crummy

The subdivision of Google's parent company looks to revolutionize the transportation landscape.

Gangil Gwon/Getty Images/EyeEm

Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs is on a mission to transform the way we move around cities.

Sidewalk has proposed subsidizing Uber and other ride-sharing services for low-income residents, reforming how drivers find parking, requiring cities upgrade to its mobile payment system and use the Flow cloud software, according to The Guardian. The report sheds light on how Sidewalk plans to shake up the transportation and parking systems in US cities.

Sidewalk partnered with seven other finalists from the Department of Transportation's Smart City Challenge in March to build and expand Flow, a platform used to improve transportation. Sidewalk has offered Flow to Columbus, Ohio, which won the Department of Transportation's $140 million "SmartCity" challenge.

"We are proud to partner with Transportation for America and cities across the country to continue this important dialogue and provide data-driven applications to better manage roads, parking, and mass transit, and to encourage shared mobility," said Anand Babu, COO of Sidewalk Labs, via an emailed statement.