All your Internet are belong to Ted Stevens

Caroline McCarthy Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Caroline McCarthy

It's official: Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and his "The Internet is a series of tubes" speech to the Senate Commerce Committee have officially soared to the heights of Yatta, All Your Base, Numa Numa and (on the more political side) the Dean Scream.

Ever since the octogenarian Stevens infamously declared in the midst of the Senate "Net neutrality" debate that "the Internet is a series of tubes" and that "an Internet was sent by (his) staff," the Net-humor crowd has milked the misstatements for all they're worth. Within days, a fake slide show had popped up, along with T-shirt designs and--just like "All Your Base" a few years ago--a techno remix.

But it doesn't stop there. Stevens' speech now has a MySpace music page, and a video of "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart comparing Stevens to "Grandpa Abe" Simpson is making the rounds.

To top it all off, political humor blog Wonkette has now posted a link to a YouTube clip that sets the techno remix of Stevens' speech to video. Of course, plenty of vintage sci-fi and computer imagery is used.