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'All Spark' cube transforms into USB hub

Transformers icon apparently talks too.

Forbidden Planet

It seems like yesterday, but it was a year ago that we were in the throes of Transformers mania. For months its merchandizing machine was flooding the market with everything from earphones to shoes trying to capitalize on the blockbuster movie. We thought they'd exhausted all the possibilities, but apparently one was left out near the end of the geek food chain: a USB hub.

It's not as bad as it sounds. Though hardly the most sophisticated gadget, the "All Spark" cube bears a design and significance that true bot-fans are sure to appreciate, as Everything USB notes. Dedicated to the hallowed object of the same name, which has the power to create Transformers, the four-port hub even talks the talk--according to its product description, this USB block utters robotic phrases when devices are plugged in, such as "We must protect the All Spark Cube." Irritating.