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All six 'Star Wars' flicks in one window: The ultimate geek-out

You might need some help from the Force to make it through this juxtaposed symphony of the "Star Wars" sextuplets.

Play "Dark Side of the Moon" during all this, and your head will no doubt explode.
Screenshot by CNET

For you, perhaps the geekiest diversion you can imagine is playing Pong on the side of this huge building. Or maybe it's this Harry Potter-themed marriage proposal, complete with Quidditch set. How about a beep-blooping R2-D2 bra? Yes, please.

All top contenders for the ultimate nerdgasm, but for my money, it doesn't get more deliciously dweebish than this epic YouTube video that jams all six "Star Wars" movies into one screen. Now when Jar Jar Binks comes on the screen, you don't have to fast-forward or leave the room -- just direct your attention to a different corner.

Make it though all two-plus hours with all your brain cells intact, while playing Pong on the side of a building, wearing an R2-D2 bra, and proposing with a light saber, and I'll happily pronounce you master of all geeks.

For the rest of us, I recommend clicking Play below, turning it all the way up, and having a dance party. When the battle scenes really heat up, it makes for some pretty funky dub step.