Alienware beams in massive solid-state RAID laptop drives

Alienware beams in first massive solid-state RAID laptop drives

We love solid-state hard drives--in theory. No moving parts, no noise, less heat, more energy efficient, and less prone to failure--what's not to like? Of course, when we're all used to low-cost 200GB-plus hard drives in our laptops, actually making the move to SSD drives can be a bit of a reality check.

While a single 32GB SSD drive in your laptop may set you back a few hundred dollars, Alienware is leading the pack by offering the most outrageous laptop SSD package we've seen. On its award-winning 17-inch m9750 laptop, which we recently reviewed very favorably, you can now order up to 128GB of solid-state storage space.

Made up of two 64GB drives in a RAID 0 configuration, this will add a whopping (wait for it)...$2,000 to the system's price. That's a lot, even for a laptop that starts at $1,999 with typical configurations in the $4,000 range.

Of course, you can get a single 32GB or 64GB drive as well, either alone (kind of pointless for a power user) or paired with a traditional platter-based hard drive, for the best of both worlds. That might be your best bet, because while SSD prices are slowly coming down, don't expect a massive iPhone-like price drop anytime soon.