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Aliens save a Phantom from vapor

Alienware to offer Phantom Entertainment's Lapboard

We're not sure if Alienware's decision to offer Phantom Entertainment's Lapboard gives the home theater PC input mash-up any credibility, but it definitely means that Phantom Entertainment, nee Infinium Labs, has remarkable staying power.


In brief, way back in 2004, Phantom Entertainment/Infinium Labs announced a Phantom Console designed to bring PC gaming to the living room by pairing it with an online delivery service. Infinium even got so far as to lure former Xbox co-creator Kevin Bachus into its ranks as CEO. Then reports surfaced questioning the legitimacy of the company. The console never materialized, Bachus quit, and we thought we'd heard the last of Infinium Labs. Apparently not.

Fast-forward to half an hour ago, and a press release pops up that Alienware will now be offering Phantom Entertainment's Lapboard with its Media Center PCs. We actually had a hands-on with an early version of the Lapboard back at Infinium Labs' booth at E3 2004. It seems a little beefier now, but the concept is the same. It's essentially a wireless keyboard with a mousing surface that folds out from the bottom. We remember thinking it was awkward, but not outright terrible. We have respect for Alienware's standards, too, but the Lapboard still seems like a long shot. Do you want a keyboard in your living room?

(Photo: Phantom Entertainment)